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Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson Interview

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At 62 years old, Cassandra Peterson is still the ghoul of my dreams. She was my first crush, and probably the reason I’m still attracted to morbid older women today. As a child I wore out the tape on more than one copy of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Now I own it on DVD, as well as her follow up, Elvira’s Haunted Hills.

In recent years, Peterson revived her television series Movie Macabre which unfortunately didn’t last very long. While the new Movie Macabre had some very funny moments, it ultimately didn’t do well. Using movies that were in the public domain (most of which were unwatchable) coupled with a very late night air time resulted in a very short run.

Recently I was able to sit down and talk with Peterson at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX. While I didn’t get much time to speak with her, I was able to get some answers to some great questions.

Have you been enjoying your time off as Elvira? Are you working on any projects right now?
No, I’m not enjoying my time off at all! I’ve been working on merchandising for my online sales. We have a whole bunch of new stuff coming out soon.

Do you still pursue your musical career?
I’m recording a new album that was written by my friend Fred Schneider from the B-52’s. It’s turning out really well. I’m very excited! We just recently recorded a music video for it.

Did you get much backlash from retiring your Elvira Character for conventions?
Yes, a lot! So much so that I’m retiring retiring that. I’m like Cher; I just can’t stop retiring. I’ll be bringing it back soon. I just have some things I have to work out first. I’m going to have to charge extra for it.

Any chance you’ll reunite with any of your friends from the Groundlings for any new projects?
No, it’s not very likely. At least not anytime soon. I still see some of them. The closest thing I have to a reunion is I need to have lunch with Pee-wee soon.

Recently you were on the Science Channel’s Oddities.Do you have any plans to return to the show, or any upcoming TV appearances?
As of right now, no. I would like to though. I had fun doing it.

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