Carrie (2013) – Review of a Remake of a Classic

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Name calling, back stabbing, and setting things on fire with their minds. Kids these days…what will they do next?


Directed by: Kimberly Pierce
Screenplay by: Lawrence D. Cohen and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Original Story by: Stephen King

I had the chance to sit in on this remake of Carrie. The original was a Brian De Palma film which released in 1976 and starred Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie and John Travolta. Since then, there have been a number of so-called remakes that haven’t quite hit the mark and didn’t really ring true to the classic. However, this newest addition wasn’t too far off from the first.

This remake hosts Chloë Grace Moretz as the main character Carrie. We’ve seen Chloe in movies such as Kick Ass and Let Me In. She has also had some TV spots on Desperate Housewives and 30 Rock. At the age of 16, I believe she is beginning to hold her own as an actress. As Carrie, she is a timid high school senior who had been previously home-schooled by her overbearing, bible toting mother; played by Julianne Moore. It is quite obvious that this has had a profound affect on her ability to adjust and fit in with her classmates. A late bloomer so to speak, she is ridiculed by her classmates for something any young women has to go through. Unfortunately, through the eyes of her mother, her daughter has committed an unspeakable sin and must be punished. The wrath of the lord is upon us and the downward spiral begins.

Having seen the 1976 Carrie many times over and all of the remakes, I appreciate that this story has gone back to its roots. For me it’s a movie about bullying that has gone way too far. Instead of the whole thing ending in the suicide of the helpless victim, the bullies get their just deserts. I can’t say that Grace Moretz outdid Spacek in the role of Carrie but she gave it a darn good try.

My issues are few. There were some foul ups in filming. Things so small and quick that not many would notice (I did and I wrote them down). I know that it can be hard to catch every little detail but continuity matters, especially to someone who is nit picking their way through a remake of an unforgettable classic *points to self*.

So what’s more to say? Julianne Moore killed it as the crazy mother, Billy Nolan is not hot, and no pigs were harmed in the making of this movie…OK, maybe one.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

Watch this trailer and lets open up for some discussion below. Do you think some movies should be left untouched and not remade?

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