Car Talk: Phantom Babies and the Hyundai Tuscon

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My last article describes MY first new car, the one I want to drive tomorrow, the one I want to buy as soon as it hits showroom floors. Now all you married men follow along ,I’m sure you’re familiar with this next part. It’s the car I WANT. Not the car I get. Oh no, my wife has an idea of what our next car needs to be and neither of her choices have anything to do with low profile tires or redlining engines. Her choices are based off of color option and, “oh look my pink and purple cell phone fits perfect right here” type thing. This could quite possibly be the worst experience of my life I fear.

Before I go much further understand I love my wife, she really is an amazing woman, but like any women who could care less about what they drive she drives me insane. She will dismiss a car based off of some minute unimportant reason. Like last month we test drove a new Hyundai Veloster, the funky three door hatchback that just debuted, she said she didn’t like it because it drove differently than her current car. I asked for clarification and she said, “I don’t know it’s just different”. I said, “Your right it is different because it’s NOT YOUR CAR”. It didn’t matter after that she wouldn’t even think about the Veloster. I walked off the lot, couldn’t handle the fact that that was her reasoning. Now mind you like I said above my wife could care less about what she drives, but amazingly as soon as I give her an option she has an opinion. So, not wanting to give up I took her to test drive the new Ford Fiesta. It was a middle optioned car probably close to what we would want, well we drove a little ways and stopped to look around the car without the sales person breathing down our neck. After looking in the trunk and back seat she tells me that it won’t fit the baby and all its stuff. All I said was, “What baby?” She said, “Our baby” I stated, “We don’t have a baby” She just said, “We will in the future”. That was it the Ford Fiesta was out too she couldn’t even look past a phantom baby that we don’t have and aren’t expecting.

Back, to Hyundai we went. Just as easily as my wife can dismiss a car it seems she can approve one as well.

Turns out the 2011 Hyundai Tucson is exactly what she wants. We drove it and she informed it drives like her current car and can fit all the phantom babies stuff. Again I ask, “WHAT BABY?”

No answer, I was starting to get worried.

Better yet she informs me her new cell phone will fit perfectly right here in this small cubby hole. That’s it, she is sold she tells me we have to get it. Like many of you I was skeptical of Hyundai. Well, I will tell if you haven’t seen the quality and bang for buck that one can get from a Hyundai this day you are truly not a car person. We are talking about a 10 year warranty with a well optioned interior for normal people money, exactly what a growing family needs. It seems that when the market permits I will be purchasing a new or used Hyundai Tucson.

Trust me I realize it’s not a Ford Focus ST. Yes, I realize it doesn’t have a body kit or low profile tires; no I don’t want to talk about it. This is what my life has come to as a man that loves and adores cars. I am going to buy a new $20,000 car that drives just like an old $2000 car, that can carry lots of phantom babies and phantom baby stuff, which we obviously don’t have, at least it has a cubby hole for a cell phone.

NO…I don’t want to talk about it!

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