Car Talk: Ford Focus ST

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The older I get the more I want my cake and eat it too. Now how does this transfer to cars, well quite easily actually. I want everything in my next car. Let me explain, I’m not talking about every piece of technology or anything like that. I guess more specifically I want my car to do everything and do it well. I want it to be able to carry my wife and growing family, I want it to be able to soak up highway miles, and when my mood strikes I want a quick 2-3 shift while the needle screams towards redline. Oh, and finally I want it to return 30 mpg’s. Shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve or should it?

Well thanks to a few companies there are rumors of numerous models coming out to fulfill my every desire. There is the rumored but nearly guaranteed Ford Fiesta ST, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo, and the finally destined for the US Ford Focus ST. It’s this last one that has me so interested, I’m on the edge of my chair waiting to get my grubby paws on it. For those of you that don’t know we in the states have been getting screwed and I don’t mean like how the government is screwing the people. I mean like we are getting watered down regulated within an inch of their life fast Fords, like the 2000ish Ford Focus SVT. Yes, to us in the states it was a fast three door and five door hatchback, the problem being it was nothing like the Focus ST and the Focus RS that could be had ripping around Europe. Ford has finally promised America and the rest of the world a “world performance vehicle”, that car being the 2013 Ford Focus ST.

I have eagerly awaited this vehicle since I first saw it in concept form almost a year ago. It has everything I must have in my next car. The 2013 Ford Focus ST promises to deliver in every of my category’s. It is based off of the 5 door hatchback but with numerous exterior, interior and mechanical changes that should add up to a completely different vehicle. For starts there is a full body kit with high mounted rear spoiler. Along with a set of 18” low profile tires and some sort of tetrahedral tail pipe that had I been asked to calculate the square root coefficient of in junior high geometry I might be sleeping in a van down by the river instead of sitting in this comfy office chair. Their interior will have specially designed Recaro front buckets along with special seating surfaces for the rear bench seat. The biggest news about the Focus ST is all mechanical.

This is going to be the first helping of Ford’s new two liter turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost motor in a car. The engine is rated at 247 hp and 250 lb/ft of torque. Add to that larger brake at all four corners, what Ford lists as a new sport suspension, probably pulled from R and D
done on the Europe only Ford Focus RS. With that comes a new six speed manual and computer changes to allow all the new toys to play nice with each other.

If the little amount of information Ford has released is true and this car is really as good as I’m begging, praying, hoping it will be, this WILL be my next car. Let’s do one last check of my criteria, 4 doors and hatchback to carry all my family’s crap…check. A 247 horse power motor with six speed manual and sport suspension to soak up the miles, return 30 MPG, and a quick 2-3 shift…check, check, and check.

So, honey if you bring dessert home and I eat it before dinner don’t worry my cakes in the drive way.

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