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Captain America’s Costume Details

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this isn't the one we're teasing, but i think it's a damn fine example of what it should look like.

I’m looking forward to the Captain America movie like no other. He is quite possibly one of the most prolific Marvel characters ever created, and the fact that we’re finally getting a Cap movie that’s a period piece, excited the living hell out of me.

I don’t even care that they picked Chris Evans to play him, I think with proper direction and scripts, even a marginal actor can play great roles. With superhero movies, the biggest problem is making the transition from comic to screen when it comes to costumes…and Cap’s would be hard to take in real life.

Thankfully, they’re not going to be bringing the normal Captain America costume to the movie, we’ll not have to worry about tight scaled spandex with folded over boots and winged helmets. The guys from JoBlo recently got a chance to check out the official costume they’re going to be using for the movie, and we’ve snagged a piece of fan art that shows best what he talked about.

Fan art is awesome. I hope the costume looks like this.

With this movie we’ll be seeing Mr. Rogers wearing a subdued navy blue uniform (think more of a grey shade of blue), along with a white midriff top that has two red suspenders going up the front. He’ll have the usual military web gear, the A emblazened helmet, and the ubiquitous shield that he is so well known for. Thankfully the material will be a rough leather instead of the much rumored ‘spider-man’ scale stuff.

I think we just be in for a surprise when this movie comes out. Marvel Studios hasn’t made a bad movie yet IMO. It just goes to show that the people making comic hero movies are the fans of that medium…that’s why Iron Man worked so well.

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