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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Super Bowl Trailers

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For the land of the free, and the home of the brave….
For Super Bowl Sunday, Marvel didn’t give us a new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier….they gave us two. The first was an official thirty second spot featuring some great new action clips set to the national anthem, the second was a full length trailer that really focused on the Winter Soldier, and it was pretty epic. If the first trailer we showed you months ago got you excited, prepare to be blown away, this new one is even better. I have a feeling this has a chance to be one of Marvel’s best movies. Check out these great new trailers below!

But enough about how I feel, what do you think? Is the Winter Soldier ready to blow away the audience, or is it gonna be not awesome….sorry I got nothing, this movie is gonna be great. Let us know, sound off below!!

The first new teaser trailer

And the 2nd official trailer

Captain America: The Winter Soldier shoots it’s way to theaters April 4th

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