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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Has a Epic New TV Spot

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This movie is going to be epically good….
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is only a month away and Marvel is going to make sure all of us know how awesome this movie is going to be. I’m already on-board the hype train, so if you are looking for some objective reporting, this may not be the site for you. I believe this phase 2 adventure is going to be epic, and a couple newly released items might help me prove it. First, Marvel released yet another awesome poster over the weekend that is a great look at Steve Rogers in his new SHIELD inspired suit. The second thing we have for you, WPR had to break into the Disney vault and steal. Many Bothans died to get us the new TV spot, but it was totally worth it. This new spot is set to debut tonight on Agents of SHIELD and it looks amazing. So take a look at the new TV spot and let us know what you think, before Disney sends a squad of Stormtroopers to make us give it back…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier explodes into theaters April 4th

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