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Captain America, Thor, Avenger’s and Various other rumors!

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Looks like Cap will get at least 1 more movie after the Avengers get finished, plus Thor will likely get an additional too.

Over at IGN, they got a nice exclusive interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, where he so kindly lays out a little bit of information about the direction that Marvel Studios is going to be heading in the next few years. He Says,

Feige said that following Avengers, “Thor will go off into a new adventure, and Captain America will continue to explore the modern world in another film of his own. We hope that holds true for the characters appearing in that film — Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the spy organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. —all of whom are more than worthy and capable of carrying their own films. And, we’ve got a lot of other characters we’re prepping and getting ready for film debuts: the world of martial arts, these great cosmic space fantasies, Dr. Strange, and the magic side of the Marvel Universe. There are many, many stories to be mined.”

We can garner a little info from this. Sequel Thor and Captain America, plus the possibility for a few more spin off characters. Black Widow and Hawkeye (other Avenger characters) will likely get their own ‘back story’ movies if there isn’t enough information provided within the Avengers movie, and they test well with the audiences. Plus we know that Dr. Strange will get a feature. So 4 more Marvel movies, in addition to what we already have come to expect from Iron Man 3, Spiderman, Ghostrider, and Fantastic 4 films.


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