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Captain America On-Location Photos Hit the Web

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From what we can see, Marvel Studios were out this week on-location somewhere in England filming a series of stunt shots for their upcoming film Captain America: The First Avenger. You’ll want to see this as well and draw your own conclusions, as I am about to.

I know that WPR is supposed to take the geek highroad when it comes to production stills taken of stuntmen and their props, we’re supposed to have the “wait and see” approach, and by Crom I’ve done that with so many movies, games, shows, comics, and just about any other type of media that we get our grubby hands on, but I’m not titillated at all by these pictures.

I won’t be that geek that says that product x will fail just because I don’t like it. That rarely happens…just look at the success of sitcoms here in America. Still, I’d have to say that these shots leave plenty to be desired. It is nice to see what Cap’s costume will look like in the movie and all, but at the same time, without all of the post processing that goes into movies these days, it looks a bit comical.

About the only thing that really excited me is that the villains that they had Cap go against (speculation from the above photo) is that they are Red Skull’s men…and they’re members of Hydra? Like I said, I’m holding off on judgment until I actually see it in action, but I’m just a little less excited for this movie now.

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