Ryan Thomason

Caprica Returns Soon!

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I know that this show has created a bit of a division between people who were very big fans of the recent Battlestar Galactica remake series. Some people love Caprica, some hate it, others just don’t want to know it exists. I’m all about back story, and that is what I take from Caprica, it is the grand setup for one of the greatest Sci Fi Series (Battlestar Galactica) in my lifetime.

Here are some clips we’ve got our hands on that give us a little taste of the new season coming up on the SyFy Channel. Yes this is a clip of the “Mid-season” premier, even though it seems like it’s been a whole year since we’ve visited the show.

Here are four more clips for your viewing pleasures! So, who else is watching this? Or are you one of those BSG purist and want to just sit and sigh longingly about Battlestar Galactica?

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