Alan Smithee

Capcom’s Number Teaser…Yup, Onimusha

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As Coonskin said a little while back, this shit is just getting ridiculous. Capcom, you don’t really need to tease us with what games are coming out because you have about 4-5 cash cows that you can always run to when you need a quick cash injection, so I’m not surprised in the slightest that the 1560, 1573, and 1582 flashing on the screen only to ends with 1600 is related to an Onimusha game.

I can only wonder who will be the next company to release yet another unimaginative and boring countdown/cryptic teaser site…wait, maybe Sega will tease yet ANOTHER Sonic The Hedgehog game with a blurry number kind of thing.

Enough already game companies! This means you!

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