Capcom plans for more games like Dead Rising: Case Zero

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The company is looking into making more bite-size games that tie into full retail versions of their games. The thought of more standalone games, that also serve as demos, is rather appealing. Dead Rising: Case Zero was a brilliant idea. You pay $5 for a sort of prequel to Dead Rising 2, get to level up your character, check out the game before you plop down $60, and take whatever progress you make in the game over to the retail version. In an interview with, Capcom’s US VP Christian Svensson spoke about using the model in future games.

“It’s not something we’re going to be doing on every title, but it’s something we’re looking at on a title by title basis,” he explains. “Can we provide a compelling, self-contained pre-amble with persistence that links to a full product that helps people to upsell?”

“The learnings that come from this are that it’s something you have to plan from the beginning,” Svensson continues. “It’s not something you can do mid-development. It was hard enough even when we planned it from the beginning, just time-wise, the co-ordination of the Vancouver studio finalling practically three pieces of content at once — that’s hard.”

It’s cool that Capcom is thinking about doing more of this. I’d personally like to see more companies adopt this approach to the standard demo model we see these days. I like the idea of being able to try out a game, but then also getting a little standalone game that entices me to continue on into the full retail version. I know this would encourage me to pick a game up on its release day instead of waiting for a while to get it a little cheaper. It would be awesome to see this happen in games like Dragon Age or maybe games like Battlefield 3 where you actually level up your character for online matches.

It’s a great idea, Capcom. I’m all for it.


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