Capcom Unity Launches New Community Events

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Starting this week Capcom is launching two new ways for you to get more involved in the community over at their official site.

Video Game Club uses a book club like format to stir conversation between the staffers and the community on a particular title. At the beginning of a session a game is chosen from recent and retro Capcom titles, users are given a weekly assignment (like playing up to a certain point) and then talk about any of the aspects that make it up such as it’s design, art style or story.

And if that’s not your thing then there is also Netflix 360 Movie Night. It’s as easy as joining a Netflix party with your friends; just drop by the thread on their Off-Topic forums, post your Gamertag, and show up to the party. Sadly there is a limit to how many people they can have in a party so post quickly and don’t be late!

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