Ryan Thomason

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Proves That Morons Will Buy Anything.

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Another Month, another sales record set by CoD: Black Ops, Way to piss your money away folks. Call of Duty: Black Ops has surpassed the $1 billion worldwide sales mark after just six weeks of availability, Activision announced today.

That’s just the newest of the growing number of feats accumulated by this game since its launch on November 9.

In just its first day of availability, Call of Duty: Black Ops tallied $360 million in worldwide revenue, easily besting its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which generated $310 million on its launch day.

The game then followed that up with the biggest entertainment launch in history, making $650 million in its first five days of availability. Modern Warfare 2 made $550 million during its first five days on store shelves.

It took Modern Warfare 2 until January–approximately two months–to reach the $1 billion worldwide sales figure Black Ops surpassed in six weeks.

Beyond the point of sale, Black Ops continues to funnel money into the top execs who’s job was to tell the people actually making the game to work harder, are all proudly patting each other on the back right now. Activision reported today that gamers have played the game for more than 600 million hours online. Microsoft, which furnished Xbox Live figures to Activision, told the publisher that the average player typically plays Black Ops online more than once a day for over one hour at a time.

So, is the next Call of Duty release, scheduled to launch in 2011, going to top this bat shit crazy numbers? Probably. As long as people keep thinking this is a good series to shell out their money for.

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