Byte Size Review: Soccer Superstars

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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the biggest soccer fan. I understand how the game is played, for the most part, and I do see why people enjoy the sport. That being said, I really enjoy Soccer Superstars from GAMEVIL. With a mixture of RPG elements and a sports game, this title will give you hours upon hours of gaming entertainment on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
When you first launch Soccer Superstars, you are taken through a very basic tutorial to teach you the controls of the game. On the left part of the screen you have a virtual D-pad that is of course used to move your character around the screen. The right side of the screen contains a B, A, and S virtual button. The B button is used for slide tackles and shooting the ball. The A button is used for attempting steals and passing the ball. The S button is used only for special characters who have unique abilities. Each button can be held down to increase the power your shot or pass will have. It took a few games for me to get use to the control scheme but once I learned it, I was having fun.

There are five distinct game modes in the game to keep things fresh. The various game modes are:

  • Exhibition – A quick pick up and play game mode
  • My League – Develop your own player and level him up. In this mode, you only control your guy.
  • Season Mode – Manage your team to a championship.
  • Cup Mode – Guide your team to a cup championship.
  • Dramatic Mode – Essentially, this mode is mission based. You are given a task and you have a certain amount of time to execute that task. Upon finishing each mission, you are given reward money to spend on upgrades for your team or players.

The time I spent with this game was really enjoyable. At a price point of $4.99, I can easily recommend this game to someone who is a fan of soccer games with a little extra. The added RPG elements of the game will give it lasting playability. The only problem I into was having to do with the save state. If I started a game, it didn’t seem to be a  way to save in the middle of it. This is not a deal breaker for me but something to keep in mind before purchasing. I really hope they make a basketball game like this one.

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