James Helsby

Bye Bye MP3 Archive. Your music will no longer be yours

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The website, AppleInsider, has an interesting piece about the giant data center that Apple has been building in North Carolina over the  last few years.

Apparently, this giant data center is going to be providing Cloud-based storage for iTunes and MobileMe. The billion dollar facility will store all of your media, so that you don’t have to be bother with those pesky things anymore. Concepts like Ownership and Rights will become outdated and Pasee, as Apple spoon feeds the world its Music, Movies, and Media over their 4G iphone connections.

While much is still speculative, it’s a given that Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a major problem for anyone who wants to provide media digitally to an end user. While I grew up in a generation of Records, Tapes, and CD’s there is a good chance that my son will never actually own a physical copy of a book, recording, or movie.

Ownership. Pssffftt. You only own what I want you to own, until I am tired of you owning it.


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