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Buying Vita Games Online Could Save You Some Serious Cash

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In a prime example of a Sony employee shooting off at the mouth when they really should be keeping stuff like this under wraps, that here in the west you could save up to 40% buying the game digital instead of the hard copy. FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT RIGHT!

I don’t mean to be a dick, but the reason that iOS and Android gaming is so huge right now is that the games don’t hurt your wallet. You’re not paying for packaging or expensive shipping costs, so why not pass that savings onto your customer? It only makes sense that when you buy something digital you shouldn’t be expected to pay the same price as retail and it’s looking like Sony is planning on saving users some serious cash.

The Sony spokesperson told Thrifty Nerd that digital copies of games that have a MSRP of $39.99 will cost the user only $23 when purchasing online and downloading directly to the handheld system. That’s a huge amount of savings but still probably nowhere near as close as picking up the game via bargain bin months after release.

It’s been confirmed that Japan will enjoy some savings when getting the digital version, though nowhere near the lofty 40% number touted by the article. This also jives well with the SCE Europe boss Jim Ryan’s statement last week about Vita not having fixed pricing schedules (in other words not everything needs to cost the same).

I think I’ll be more than ready for the new Sony handheld when it arrives in the west this February 22nd. Those damn Japanese get it this month in about two weeks on the 20th. /fistshake


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