Bustin Makes The Rest Of Us Feel Good: Ghostbusters Finally Goes Multiplatform In Europe On October 23rd

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All I can say is that it’s about damn time. After Sony Europe’s dick move of making the Ghostbusters game a timed exclusive in Europe only a month before it’s release, Europeans without a PS2 or PS3 will finally be able to catch some ghosts themselves on October 23rd. Of course you can import the 360 version from America right now since the game is region-free but if you’re too poor to import right now like me or you want to get the Wii or DS version, then you’ll be happy about this news.  I downloaded the 360 demo via a US account a few weeks ago and while slightly generic, I enjoyed what I played and the Ghostbusters charm was there. It doesn’t make up for the wait but at least we’ll actually get it here on other console at all.

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