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Bungie, Quit Teasing Us!

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It's not only the games I enjoy playing, but I just love reading about the whole process of the games being developed.
I always keep an eye open for any Halo news that might crop up and when I was reading the developers’ blog that’s linked from earlier today, I happened to notice that there was a note from Marcus Lehto yesterday saying that the company is planning on dropping a multiplayer ‘bombshell’ on us today.

This is the exact quote that Marcus put on the blog yesterday:

“I hope you all like the MP bomb we’re about to drop on the world in about a day. Enjoy!”

What the hell could this possibly be? Knowing Bungie, we’ll get a full ViDoc about it as soon as it’s announced, but my money is on there being some MASSIVE team battles, ala MAG. I guess you’ll just have to come back and check with us here as it’s announced…because I know for sure that I’ll be making a post about it.

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