Alan Smithee

Bulletstorm’s Diorama Commercial

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I’m almost certain to pick up Bulletstorm now that I’ve seen this video. The humor that went into making an awesome parody like this is worth a reward of purchasing.

You might remember that diorama that they made for those Halo 3 commercials when that came out, well Epic Games can’t leave well enough alone and decided to mock that commercial in their latest video.

Epic have made no qualms about their latest game being a crazy killfest that hopes to recapture the awesomeness that is the FPS genre. Don’t get me wrong, serious games are good in their own right, but unless you were there for the original Unreal Tournament games, you don’t know what fun is in an FPS.

There’s almost a comedic and over the top quality to this game that has me going crazy over its next month release date. It looks to be one hell of a good time. You can get your hands on it when it’s released on the 22nd of February. I’ll be in line with the rest of you to pick it up.

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