Bulletproof Coffin #4

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Bulletproof Coffin #4 is out! The story is by David Hine and Shaky Kane the art is by Shaky Kane. First off one of the highest praises I can give this book is that I can’t even begin to guess where it is going, but it always seems to be worth the ride.

Steve wakes up the next morning believing that everything that happened in the previous issue was just a dream. Then a package arrives with a brand new issue of “The Coffin Fly,” in it are all of the previous nights escapades. After reading part of the issue at work he runs and meets with his band of super heroes where he tries to convince them that they must find the “The Creators!” this must be done before “The Shadow Men!” catches up with them.

This is turning into one of my favorite comics, the art and storytelling style make me feel like a kid again. The book has a very nostalgic flavor to it, right down to the fake ads. It makes me want to find a box of Otter Pops and read a stack of old comics. If you don’t read this book you are missing out. This is book 4 of 6, it is $3.99

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