Bullet Proof Coffin #2

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I didn’t want to like this comic.  The cover does not scream interesting to me.  The strange figures on the cover of the first and second issues of The Bulletproof Coffin with the plain background screamed cheap ’80s indie comic.

The inside kept screaming ’80s indie comic, and that might be why I like it.

The Bulletproof Coffin is written by David Hyne and Shaky Kane.  Mr. Kane also does the art and the cover.  Both of these two gentlemen got their start in the comic book business in the ’80s, even doing some of those independents that these comics remind me of.

So what does this retro-independent comic book have?

Strange but good art?  Check. (Mr. Kane’s art reminds me a little of Moebius’s art, as well as someone else that I just cannot  put my finger on:  It is sparse and unique.  I like it).

Everyman main character with an odd job and personal problems?  Check.  (You can see him on the second cover.)

Shadowy men in dark suits and sunglasses?  Check.  (What more can be said here?)

Warped versions of common comic book tropes?  Check. (Part of every issue is devoted to a twisted comic book supposedly printed in the ’60’s.)

Strange supporting characters?  Check.  (What is up with the wife and the twins?  The twins are on the first cover.  One has a T-shirt that says “sake” in Japanese on it;  that is probably what pushed me to read this comic:  Sake=yum!)

In this issue, you find out what the bulletproof coffin really is in 26 pages of story.  It has the new higher cover price of $3.99, but what can you do?

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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