Alan Smithee

Build LEGO Projects Anywhere Using Google Chrome

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Back in 2012, the Aussie Google developers were plucky enough to collaborate with LEGO Australia to create a project they were simply calling Google Build. It is a 3D LEGO brick building interface that utilizes WebGL to create projects using the colorful bricks. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, you couldn’t save the projects to anywhere but Australia until recently when it opened up worldwide.

Now with Build with Chrome you can share your projects with friends (and see what they’ve built) via Google+ as well as seeing what others have been populating across the globe via Google Maps. The best bit is that this works with Chrome browsers on Android devices as well as computers so if you have a kid who loves LEGO but you don’t want to pay full price for a set, send them to the Build With Chrome website on your table or phone and get them started.

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