Buffy the Vampire Slayer One for One

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I have been loving the Dark Horse one for ones! This week brings us the inaugural issue of the very first Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic. Buffy was written by Andi Watson and drawn by Joe Bennett. I personally am a huge Buffy fan, but somehow this issue slipped through the cracks. This was the first time reading this one for me.

This issue takes place some time in the first half of the third season. The story is about a Kung-Fu Master Vampire who has come to Sunnydale. Various fighters around town were found drained of blood, so research is done.  A fight then takes place, and bad jokes are made in a typical Buffy manner.  I did enjoy the fact that this was one of the few occasions when Xander was allowed to play the part of the accidental hero.

The story fits in well with the TV series. The art work and coloring in many places looks like it could have been lifted directly from an episode. I think number one of the Season 8 series would have been a better choice because it’s an ongoing series (for a few more issues at least), but like I said I have never read this before.  As for the price? Well, it’s a buck!

How can you go wrong for a buck?

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