Brink and Rage Appearing at QuakeCon 2009

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QuakeCon 2009 is nearly upon us and this year it looks like they’re going to showing off a couple of projects that are sounding a little bit special.  Firstly John Carmack’s latest IP, Rage will be demoed to the general public for the first time which should prove interesting, anything with Carmack’s name on it I usually file under ‘awesome’ straight away so I can’t wait to hear some of the reactions to that. Secondly Bethesda’s Todd Howard will giving an hour long presentation followed by the first public demo of their upcoming game Brink. Whilst nothing much is known about the title I for one have spent more time and money on Bethesda this year than I have anything else thanks to Fallout 3 so I need to know what this game is now.  If anybody fancies taking me to QuakeCon feel free to get in touch.

On another note I agree with what the guys over at Joystiq that are saying hassle Todd about details the next Elder Scrolls game, we need to know what’s going on.

Source: Joystiq

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