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Brink 101: Get SMART, A Lecture Series From Prof. Thomason

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As someone who can never find time to play games, I sure do spend enough of it watching and learning about all the stuff I’m missing out on.

Brink is coming out this Tuesday (May 10th) from Bethesda Softworks (PS3, Xbox, PC), if you didn’t know, they’ve been putting out videos over the last couple of weeks about the SMART system and as I’ve watched the videos as they came down the pipe, I figured I’d compile them into one good lecture series for you. So stop drooling at your desk, or doodling on your notepad, because it’s time to get some Edutainment. Don’t mind me as I now put on these glasses that instantly make me look smarter and more authoritative all at once.

Turn your eyeballs to the video screen, as this course is going to be short, sweet, and gets the job done. Yes, that is how I do this every night.

Ah, The Basics, the things we all are supposed to know, but usually have to get a couple of bullets put into our backs before we totally figure them out. Complete with a sexy British lady voice, this lecture is purely to get you introduced into what exactly will be expect of you and your team in Brink and gives you the spread of information. Oh, and to just see how cool the graphics are.

The second chapter of this lecture series…AHEM. Class? Ok, seriously guys, stop looking at porn in another tab. Don’t make me fail you! In this video we learn more about the Objective Wheel, Command Posts, class-specific requirements for objectives. You better start paying attention because you’re going to lose some friends when you start screwing up the objectives.

Class, I’m just going to put the coursebook down now, slowly. I know, Edutainment is hard, don’t worry, watch this General Gameplay for this section of my lecture series. Watch this so you can see what you’ll be doing when you’re playing the game. Plus, it’s just cool to know that you can drop down turrets and slaughter people.

Oh man, the bell is going to ring, and I won’t get my gift card to KFC to feed my family if I don’t complete this lecture series on time. CRAM SESSION!




Oh hell, I forgot I was supposed to quiz you on your knowledge so that the Dean would at least validate my parking pass. So write the answer to this one question and leave it on my desk as you walk out the door. What’s your thoughts on Brink?

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