Brigade #1

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I have to say, I was really surprised with this one, dear readers; even though I had questions about it, I found the first issue of the Brigade reboot to be pretty existent!

I mean, you had characters! One of them a blue guy who was also made of Ice, some chick who was also a ninja who was also sarcastic (hilarious!), another guy hung out with a monk to learn how to freeze the opera singer from 5th Element, and another guy was really good at dying! Oh and Nick Fury was there!

Oh and the art! Let’s not even get me started on the art, which was drawn and most likely put in a computer before it was colored and then sent to printers in order to deliver to comic stores, newspaper stands, Toys R Us’s, mental hospitals, and even more places than that! It’s just amazing how much this comic was created and then also printed out! I mean, look at that cover! Cable’s dad is totally trying to mouth-bleed all over Man-Ray from TMNT (Archie, of course), who is only trying to strike a pose and flex for some ladies! It’s just screaming action, sexy mutants, good personal hygiene and fitness, and even printed computer art (from the future)!

However, the main thing I loved about Rob Liefeld and Marat Mychaels’ reboot of the “Brigade” story was not just the fact that it existed, or that there is art, or a cover, or even the fact that it was available to everybody on July 8th 2010. No of course not you fools! The main thing I loved about Brigade #1 was the philosophical questions it made me ask:

1. Who is that person? (questioning our understanding of identity)
2. Who is that other person? (ubuntu philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other.)
3. Why is that chick trying to be Deadpool? (nature vs nurture)
4. Why am I even reading this? (proprioception)
5. Is this punishment for robbing the nursery at Epcot Center in 1996? (oedipus complex)

Yes, it truly was a soul-searching joy-ride of bursting epiphanies, forcing me to question reality itself. At one point I even asked “why does this comic even exist?” Can you believe it?

Unfortunately, as amazing as my experience was, it’s an experience that most people wouldn’t stomach, I’m afraid. That’s why I say, with a sad heart, if you don’t appreciate asking questions, please don’t read this, or you will feel like you wasted a bunch of time.

Oh! It’s time for my meds. The doctor gets mad when I’m late!

Bottom Line: $3.99

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