Brian Blessed set to invade Tom Tom Sat Navs

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It may be a tad off topic, but here at WPR, we always have a special place in our hearts for Brian Blessed related news. Our story begins in 2008 when one Richard Gardner decided that he wanted his sat nav to be blessed by the Blessed. To do this he started a Facebook campaign. However it was only this year that the campaign started to gain publicity and eventually has now gained over 25,000 followers. This prompted Gardner to contact TomTom, who have now agreed with Blessed himself to work on a voice for the Satnav company. The man also thanked the Facebook campaign in a Youtube video. I think all of us can agree that having this man’s voice guide you on the road will single-handedly stop all road traffic collisions whatsoever. Unless of course, you didn’t have a Blessed Satnav, in which case you would be a fool. You too can have your driving enhanced by Brian Blessed this October.

Source: BBC

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