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Breaking Bad “Ozymandias” Episode Review

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I cursed Mr. Gilligan’s name last episode of Breaking Bad due to him leaving us high and dry. I might have been better off not watching this week’s episode. Spoilers ahoy!

breaking-badThis week’s episode has brought us closure to a bit of the show’s open-ended questions such as: Do Skyler and family go with Walt, what happens to the DEA investigating Walt, and does Walter Jr. ever get to talk about something else besides worrying about his dad and what’s for breakfast?

The ultimate fate of the White clan still remains to be seen, and after their knife fight in the hallway of their house, I doubt that Walt and Skyler would ever get back together after something like that…. not to mention the abduction. Speaking of that, I had a really hard time this episode reminding myself to breathe, as there were some genuinely irreversible decisions and actions made that were heavier than anything I could ever face in my own life.

Interestingly enough the show started off with a few minutes of Jesse and Walt in their Bounder during their first cook in To’hajiilee if only to remind us of what the show started as, that there was a time that Walt and Jesse were friendly with each other, that their doings in the middle of the desert weren’t life and death involving family members. Just think about it, everything the characters have been through, all of the death, all of the backstabbing, every dirty-filthy dollar bill that has been slapped into their hands, started right there.

There is so much magnificent imagery thrown into each episode, such as the scene where Hank goes to meet his maker (I did warn you about spoilers!) and Walt passes out as the Aryans raid his cash reserve. Perhaps the most brutal portion of this episode, minus the distraught mother, was when Walt demanded that he was owed the death of Jesse Pinkman and pointed out exactly where he was hiding the entire time and just before his captors took him away he revealed that he was in the room when Jane died. The acting chops on Mr. Paul are nothing short of stellar in the way you could taste his pain coming across the television.

All I can think about when Hank’s body was cooling in the desert sun (it is winter time in the show) was that Jesse was absolutely right about how slippery Walt was, Hank and Co. had him as they said ‘dead to rights’ and Heisenberg had a contingency already rolling. Walt surrendered but Heisenberg didn’t, he simply traded 6/7ths of his fortune for his life and well being.

This episode thankfully wasn’t without humor as seeing Walt trying to roll a barrel of cash across the desert was one of the funniest things they could have provided to break the tension from the previous scenes; however, the guy who is in charge of dubbing over sound effects should be fired for using such a stock sound of Walt’s car running out of gas… schtick like that belongs in a Nickelodeon teen show, not one of television’s most gripping dramas.

Marie really pissed me off with the way she went to the car wash to essentially gloat and demand recompense from Skyler that involved not only destroying the copies of the video Walt made, but also that Skyler come clean to Junior about every sordid detail of the show, which he has about the most appropriate reaction of any character I’ve ever seen when they realize their life has been a total lie for the last few years.

I wasn’t expecting Walt to pick up Holly from her playpen and take her away from Skyler as she ran after him, and what happened later as he did what many in the audience would deem the ‘right thing’ and turn her into the fire department with an address pinned to her shirt was completely uncharacteristic for the man that Walt has become.

The stage is now set for the final two episodes and I have a feeling that I’ll be cheering at the end of the series. One thing made abundantly clear this time around is that the Walter White that we all knew and loved is completely gone. All that’s left is Heisenberg…and what a brutal son of a bitch he is.

How do you think Breaking Bad is going to end? Let us know in the comments below!

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