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Breaking Dawn – Trailer & Impressions

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OMG OMG OMG Vampires that can walk in daylight getting married to women who don’t have any emotion on their faces, all while a guy runs shirtless in the rain? Oh man. I need this movie like a crack baby needs health insurance!

Ok maybe this is me being a little harsh on this series, but with fans like the one I’ve included below, the jokes just kind of write themselves.

I’ve read the first two books of the series, and while no sane person would read a book, dislike it, and start on the second one…I really tried to enjoy this phenomenon while it was happening. The first book was a little too much “in the mind of a 16 year old girl” for me to enjoy because it seriously started to give me panic attacks with how the typical teenage girl’s mind works. The second of the series was just too many pages of derp. I have no other word for it, just derp and cockteasing. Yeah, I said it Bella is a cocktease for leading Jacob along like she did.

The third movie came and went without any notice from me, and now we’re on to the fated last book of the series that will be split into 2 separate movies and ones I think I need to go see in the theater. What other film has a scene like the one in the trailer that has a guy pissed off at a wedding invitation storming off into the rain while taking his shirt off and turning into a werewuff while his elder follows him out in a wheelchair. Did I mention that Bella gets pregnant and has to have a vampire c-section what the same werewuff boy falls in love with the newborn? Cause that’s a thing that happens.

Anyways, here’s your normal fan reaction to trailers like the one above. WARNING, the audio has swears in it so it might not be NSFW and it is REALLY loud…like blow your speakers loud. You’ve been warned.

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