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Breaking Bad “To’hajiilee” – Review

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walter2Vince Gilligan, you can go straight to the lowest depths of hell for ending this week’s episode the way you did. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

SPOILER WARNING, I will be talking about events up to and including what happened on the show last night, so click back to escape me ruining Breaking Bad for you forever.

Ok a little bit of a recap, after last week and the spilling of Jesse Pinkman’s guts to Hank and Gomez. The world picks up following the scene where Walt was trying to work things out with Jesse that turned into a further escalation of hostilities, which in turn became a wake up call for Mr. White to finally get back in touch with the Aryans for one more job.

The episode begins with Todd and his uncles (the aforementioned Aryans, who did the prison hit) working with Lydia from Madrigal Electromotive in their newly established meth-cooking location in the middle of the boonies. Todd, the newly christened cook tests the meth only to clear a batch in the high seventy percent purity range, which distresses Lydia…because the Slavs want the sky blue meth of Heisenberg’s olden days.

After a scene where it’s obvious Todd is feeling saucy feelings over Lydia, he gets the call from Walt (amidst the phone’s ringtone of “She Blinded Me With Science” HA) about the ‘work’ that his uncles need to get done. After sussing it out of Mr. White that the subject is Jesse, Todd just says ok and continues his cup of tea with a blasé attitude that gave me one of two chuckles this episode.

The uncles agree to do the dirt for Walt only if he comes back and teaches Todd how to make perfect meth as any other amount of money would pale in comparison. Walt reluctantly agrees to do so but he wants to make sure the guys know that Jesse should be taken care of quickly and with no suffering…because he’s family and most definitely ‘not a rat’.

jessebrainsThe plan is in place but Jessie is still hiding somewhere and how Walt never figured out that Jesse was in the company of Hank, I will never know. Regardless, he reaches out to Jesse’s old squeeze and her son Brock to make a call to Jesse in an effort to flush him out, but it doesn’t work thanks to Hank having Jesse’s phone.

Also on the straight to hell express that Mr. Gilligan is on, Hank Schrader for upsetting my favorite character on the show, Huell. You do not make that man fear for his life and have him nearly cry…you jerk.

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but what ends up happening is Hank figuring out that Walt buried his cash in the desert with no means on finding it. The anti-Heisenberg brigade manage to stage a photo of what appears to be Walt’s money and keeps Walt on the phone (with his GPS locator) all the way to the real location of the cash which leads them directly to the hiding spot. Fearing for his life, Walt calls the Aryans in for a strike but makes a halfhearted attempt to cancel the attack once he realizes its the DEA.

A few cross words are spat at each other, Hank gloats over his arrest and then the Aryans show up right on cue. A firefight begins and the episode ends. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A HELLFIRE OF BULLETS. I love to hate this show, I can’t believe there are only 3 more episodes left til the end.

Honestly in watching this episode, I had some great laughs at Saul, Huell, and a few of the more surreal moments of the show…but I had a real problem that Walt was outsmarted so easily, let emotions cloud his judgment, and mostly for the horrible phone call he had going on with Jesse where he pretty much admitted to all of his crimes while Jesse called him bitch more times than I cared for.

I was excited to see that they let Walt Jr. do more than worry about breakfast and his aunt and uncle as Skyler was showing him the ropes at the car wash with my favorite moment being when Saul does his “Better call Saul” line that brings Walt out of the office holding his youngest with worry on his face. It’s a scene that only a person who has little kids would giggle at I’m sure, but alas it did make me titter a bit.

With only three more to go, what do you think that the next episode “Ozymandias” will hold for us? When will the migration to New Hampshire begin? Who will Walt be using the machine gun on? Are Skyler and the kids with him? Let us know what you think in the comments bellow.



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