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Breaking Bad “Blood Money” – Review

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Last year, Vince Gilligan thought it would be a good idea to leave the wanting audience with one of the largest cliffhangers in television history. The amount of story lust gave many TV blueballs for nearly a year. No longer, Breaking Bad is back…and holy crap.

There are going to be spoilers talked about here, so just know you’ve been warned.


Episode 8 last year left us with some serious questions and changes, first off was Walt disposing of Mike’s car and body, then was working a deal with Madrigal to get the list of names from which Walt made a command decision to ‘deal’ with the loose ends. After that it involved the constant schedule of cooking and laundering, and finally it had Walt leaving the life forever. On the way he made up with Jesse (kinda), and of course the giant cliffhanger of Hank finally figuring out who the mysterious Heisenberg and W.W. really are.

In walks tonight episode like no time at all had passed. Well played Gilligan and Co. because a whole year of my life was gone in the blink of an eye. That marathon I ran, poof. The sets of teeth my kids popped out of their gums, whooooosh all gone all because Walt and Skyler are one happy couple again. Well, sorta.

This week’s episode started off pretty much how I played it in my mind of Hank finding some excuse to leave the dinner party, however I didn’t expect him to start avoiding Walt and his family the way he did…but how else could someone react after learning that the master criminal he’d been chasing down the rabbit hole the whole time is his brother-in-law?

What I didn’t expect was seeing disheveled Walt from the future showing up at his house that had since been boarded up (in the future) and seeing various skater kids rolling around their tiny ass swimming pool.

Walt working at the car wash with Skyler was funny only for the fact that he was wearing a sweater that reminded me of his previous boss Bogdan. He brings up the fact that they will be working on laundering the money for years to come as a reason to open another car wash…to which Skyler seems to appreciate.

This week’s episode droned on a bit, especially the bits with Jesse (getting really sick of his shit) and I really don’t want to bore you with details, but it did feature Walt looking for his missing book, discovering a GPS unit attached to his car which is strangely exactly like the one put on Gus’s car last season. The best bit would have to be the last 5-7 minutes as it focuses again on Hank who has been putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Walt confronts Hank and the two play nice for most of the conversation but it isn’t until the last minute that Walt brings the GPS tracker into the picture that Hank and Walt get on the same level and lay out the playing field. Let’s just say that Walt telling hank that if he doesn’t know who he’s talking to anymore, he should “tread lightly”, gave me chills. That last line was enough to keep me going for another week.

I have a feeling that this finale is going to get very dirty very quickly.

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