Brave Teaser Trailer Is Teasery

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Now that we’ve got Cars 2 out of the way, lets get back to some good Pixar movies. Here’s a teaser trailer for their latest, Brave. One thing I’ve got to say about Pixar is how impressive they are with their CG. It seems that with every film they get better and better at whatever that style they’re going for. As for Brave itself, I’m optimistic. It’s Pixar’s first original film since Up, the setting’s quite different for a Pixar film it’s set in Britain (which makes me massively biased) and well, aside from the Cars films and A Bug’s Life (haters gonna hate!), Pixar haven’t made a film that I haven’t really enjoyed. Besides, look at that ginger hair technology! Brave isn’t out till Summer next year though so there’s plenty of time to wait yet.

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