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Brain Boy #2: Read the Wrong Mind and Lose Your Head!

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“Agent Price will certainly get inside your head!”



Fred Van Lente


R. B. Silva 


Rob Lean




Dark Horse


$2.39 if you buy it here!

This issue will be available October, 16th 2013!

Imagine, if you will, James Bond. the fictional but super suave British Secret Service agent. Now imagine if he was a cheeky, telekinetic American. Yeah, you got it? OK, you just met Agent Matt Price, AKA Brain Boy. This comic was just downright fun, and had me “chortling” from the get-go. Wisecracking and not afraid to get his hands dirty, Agent Price just mind-melded his way into my heart!

Telepathy is cool, fun, and sometimes hard to convey. Especially visually. If I knocked you off a roof with my mind, it wouldn’t look like much. Just you plunging to your death, as I stand quietly on the rooftop. With the use of corresponding colors, the offensive and defensive “mind battle” in Brain Boy is pretty easy to comprehend.  I’m sure it also helps that the art is phenomenal.

The penciling, the colors, the layout, man… all of it’s just awesome! Don’t get me wrong, the writing is great too! Having skipped the first issue, it was pretty easy for me to follow what was happening. I always appreciate when a comic doesn’t assume you’ve been reading it since the 70’s.

I hope Dark Horse gets positive feedback with this reboot; I’d love to see Brain Boy continue for a while. I’ve seen a few B-list characters not make it to the mainstream comic world, even though they’re pretty remarkable characters, and it’s always a little disappointing.  Hopefully Brain Boy’s beautiful color work and clever writing will let it shine on through! I’ll keep an eye out for you, Agent Price.

Buy the first issue of Brain Boy here for $2.69!

4 out of 5 Batarangs




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