BPRD: King of Fear #5

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I was a little confused about what this series, BRPD:  King of Fear, was going to do.  I thought it was going to bring some sort of resolution to the War on Frogs that has been the integral part of the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) since 2004.  As Hellboy has left the BPRD, BPRD has been a separate comic book from Hellboy for a number of years, running different mini-series.   As so often happens, I was wrong about the purpose of BRPD:  King of Fear:  No resolution to the War on Frogs to be found here.  However, it did answer a question or two, while managing to pull a “Lost” and pile more mysteries on.

Don’t worry:  I’ll try not to give away anything on those mysteries.

As a reader, I often find myself put off by world-changing scenarios in storylines.  I am not sure why.  In this case, I might I feel this way because for the longest time it seemed to me that Hellboy and the BRPD could be here, working silently, on our world.  This has been changing in the BRPD mini-series, and it has been hard to ignore, even if it hasn’t changed so much in the Hellboy comics.  This last issue set me straight.  I will have to deal with it.

Why will I do that even with the “world-changing scenario?”  Because I love these comics.  I like the characters; they are believable to me.  Also, I like the way Guy Davis draws the freaky monsters.  Most importantly, I want to see how it all ties up.

We know it has to end sometime.  Mike Mignola, Hellboy and BPRD‘s creator, has said so.  How it will end, I have no clue.   In fire, probably–the frogs hate the fire. If you didn’t know that, I heartily suggest you run out and get caught up on these books.

So yes, even with the “world-changing scenario,”  I will go on reading these comics, and recommend them to others. 

(As a side note, Dark Horse Comics, the publisher of Hellboy and BPRD, has said that, starting soon, the cover prices of its comics will go up.  Many other comic book companies have already started raising their prices, and, due to economics, DHP will be joining their ranks.  This may be the last DHP comic that is reviewed by me at the $2.99 price.)

Bottom Line: $2.99/ $2.99

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