BPRD: Hell on Earth: New World #1

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Yes, this book really does have three titles.  The main title is BPRD.  The secondary title is Hell on Earth.  The third title (that will go on the next four books  after this as well (it is a five part mini-series)) is New World.

Did you get all that?  Good.  Did you buy it yet?

Scott Allie, who is the editor on all the Mignola books, says that this new title, Hell on Earth, indicates a change in the direction of BPRD.  I’ll be honest, I do not see it.

Yes, there have been some changes in the title, but none that are too out of the ordinary.  What I see in this issue is the same quality story-telling that Mike Mignola and John Arcudi  have been engaged in with BPRD since 2002.  Guy Davis continues to supply the art as well–I love his Abe Sapien.

Sure there have been plot changes, but nothing out of the ordinary with this book.  They have been delivering a great story that has been building over the years and makes sense from issue to issue, mini to mini.  Maybe those guys behind the scenes could tell us what is coming in the future to help warrant the name change, but I repeat:  I do not see the need to change the name of the book from BPRD to BPRD:  Hell on Earth.

However, it is not my baby. They could call it the “Hellboy Spin-off Book” and I would keep buying it if it was this same great comic book all around.

Also, let me add this important note:  Still only $3.50.

Bottom Line $3.50/$3.50

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