Alan Smithee

Boy am I Glad I Didn’t Get Marvel vs Capcom 3 on Launch

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Turns out that Capcom has been working on releasing an Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 that is essentially the same business model that they did with Street Fighter IV becoming Super Street Fighter IV.

Well I can’t blame Capcom, they’ve been doing this with their fighting games for decades now. Just look at Street Fighter II Championship Edition and Hyper Fighting being released in the same year for a perfect example. While it’s sad for those that are early adopters, getting more of a game for an even lower price (rumored to be midrange pricing) is a great deal.

Just think, a roster of 50 characters to play with. I’m for sure picking this one up.

Sorry guys that own MvC3, there are no plans currently in the works for a DLC addition to the game you already own, this one is set to be disc only at this point. You bought yourself essentially a $60 demo.


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