Boxart Are The New Screenshots: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Boxart Revealed

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As MWN’s resident wrassling guy (or at least that’s what Xopher wants me to be), I like the occasional wrassling game. So today comes along the boxart for the 2010 edition of THQ’s annual moneymaker, WWE Smackdown vs Raw. There’s not much else to say really, it’s just box art. It’s doesn’t really anything about the game other than who’s ugly mugs are on the front cover. It’d be much nicer to have screenshots. As for the game itself, the game’s engine will be nice enough if it’s anything like the last game’s, but I won’t pick it up simply because I don’t like much of the WWE’s roster anymore. I would actually be happier if THQ adapted the Fire Pro Wrestling approach to the roster but that won’t happen. That being said, give me unlimited slots for created wrestlers andget rid of blocking layers on the penis and arse area in create a wrestler. If that happened, I’d gladly create most of the attitude roster amongst others and enjoy the game that way. But if they keep sticking to only 30 created wrestlers (which is ridiculous in this age of hard drives), it’s a no sale for me. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is coming to every console since the dawn of mankind this Autumn. You can find the box art below.

wwe_svr10.bx.ds.rgb.t wwe_svr10.bx.ps2.rgb.rp wwe_svr10.bx.ps3.rgb.rp wwe_svr10.bx.psp.rgb.rp wwe_svr10.bx.wii.rgb.rp wwe_svr10.bx.x360.rgb.rp

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