Ryan Thomason

‘Boss’ Trailer Looks Damn Good

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Starz is hoping that the 3rd attempt at original programming this Summer/Fall doesn’t fall flat, from the trailer, It looks damn good. Complex, and full of layers that make my brain excited that a show might actually try to make me think.

Camelot got Axed after the first season ran out, Torchwood is still floating with the season finale, but has the same numbers Camelot had. Can Kelsey Grammer save face for the network?

Obvisouly this isn’t Fraiser or Cheers, it’s about a corrupt as hell Mayor of Chicago who runs the city with an iron fist. What happens when that man is starting to lose his mental capacity? We’ll see, from the trailer, I’m sold on watching this show at least for the first couple of episodes. It’s only going to be 6 episodes for the whole first season, so I’m thinking it’s just not going to screw around and deliver on all cylinders.

Premiering Friday, October 21st at 10pm on STARZ

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