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Borderlands GOTY Edition Lands on the Mac

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The title pretty much says everything you’d ever need to know about what’s going on, but in case you need more information…you know what you need to do!

Ok Macintosh gamers, you’ll finally get a chance to sink your highly polished and veneered teeth into the game that all ate up approximately three consecutive days of my life. At least this one is the Game of the Year edition that should ultimately save you some cash over guys like me that paid for the DLC for each piece released.

Sadly, it seems that this is only for a physical copy of the game, so those of you hoping it would be on Steam for the Mac will have to cry a little bit as you actually have to have a physical copy of the game like all of us console gamers.

The game will be released for the Mac on the 3rd of December, just in time to get for the Apple geek in your life. Trust us, it’s worth every penny…just don’t pick Lilith as your single-player character unless you like abuse.

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