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Borderlands DLC Available Now

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If you’re a fan of our Red-Light Roundtable podcast here on WPR, then you’re probably also a fan of the most kick ass game I’ve played this year, Borderlands. We’ve all fapped over how much we’ve enjoyed this game, despite its shortcomings. Well the wait is finally over for the latest iteration of DLC for the game…and we’re a whole 2 days late in picking it up and reporting about it.

That’s right, two freakin’ whole days we’ve been sitting on our asses without even realizing that the DLC for Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution was available for download. That’s unforgivable and a great reason for me to spend most of Saturday glued to my television.

For those obsessed gamers out there, this DLC will run you about $10 no matter what service you grab it from, but if you’re already a level 61, you might be better off waiting until the first part of October (which I realize starts tomorrow). The patch that Gearbox will be releasing soon will allow your character to max out again at 69.

I can’t wait until the weekend gets here.

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