Alan Smithee

Booster Gold Pilot Bound for Syfy

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I know that they want you to pronounce it Sci-Fi, but as long as they keep the Y’s in there, I’m always going to say it See-Fee.

Details are pretty scarce so far and we don’t know if the pilot ordered by SyFy for the 25th century shameless media whore of a comic book character (nee hero with endorsement deals), will have anything to do with the most recent incarnation of live-action Booster Gold that we saw in Smallville’s final season.

We DO know who will be taking the helm of writing the pilot at least, and that duty falls upon Andrew Kreisberg (a writer on Fox’s Fringe).

I think that this series would show a lot of promise, especially with the fun time traveling stuff he gets mixed up in and his fandom for the members of the Justice League. He’s sort of a very loose definition of the word hero in my opinion considering that he’s not into the business of helping people unless he can make it count with the press and his sponsors.

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