Boostcase: May be the Best Way to Charge Your Phone on the Go

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Phones in the last decade have become more advanced, and much smaller. One more so than the other. Having an iPhone 6 or 6+ would have gotten you burned at the stake just 15 years ago for witchcraft. With all the advanced processes these phones run, and with such small batteries, it’s no wonder you can’t get through a complete work day without charging your phone. If you work in office you may have to choose between leaving your phone at your desk to charge and possibly missing an important email/text/call, or venturing out from your desk with 15% and the little red battery of shame in the upper right corner.

Worse than all of this is the struggle of taking a charger with you everywhere you go, or to buy seperate ones for home, work, and your vehicle as there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere with a dead battery. To aliviate this mess I’ve tried a few things.

First there was the cheap, stick battery charger, but it got so hot I worried that it would set my messenger bag on fire. Not to mention it only charged my phone about 30% before it would die. Next, I bought a brick charger that touted the ability to charge any phone, laptop, and even jump start my car in an emergency (no, that last bit was not a joke). With this brick style charger I was able to get a full charge, but not much more, and that was only if I could keep my phone plugged into it since the tiny little adapter cords they provided were cheap, and constantly popped out in my bag. The worst part about the brick charger, and hell even the stick charger to a lesser extent, was how bulky and uncomfortable it was to haul around. You just couldn’t fit either in your skinny jeans (or even your dad/mom jeans).

When I was offered the chance to review the Boostcase by Carte Blanche I was caustiously optimistic. The idea of not having to hang out in the press room at conventions waiting for just 10 percent more charge on my phone, or carrying around one of the aforementioned chargers was appealing. I’ve been suckered in to the promise of an easily charged phone before though, so I didn’t want to get my hopes too high.

So here is what Boostcase’s website has to say about the Boostcase:

– Stylish, slim-fitting snap case provides everyday protection for iPhone 6

The Boostcase is really two cases in one. A slim and durrable case you keep on your phone at all times, and a durable battery that slides onto the snap case.

– Rechargeable 2700mAh battery sleeve adds over 100% recharge for iPhone 6 and easily attaches/detaches from the snap case using a patented locking system

The battery honestly does completely charge your phone from dead to 100% as quickly as having it plugged into the wall. Aditionally, I was able to get a second charge out of it for between 40%-60%.

– Dedicated toggle-switch to turn your battery on and off

This was a nice feature to have. If I had the battery attached to the phone and my phone was at 100%, I could turn it off and not waste valuable backup power.

– LED light bar shows remaining battery level by increments

The LED light bar is very cool looking and it doesn’t have a button. Instead there is a touch sensor on the bottom of the case, between the power switch and the charger port, which lights up indicating how much battery your Boostcase has left.

– Simultaneously charge & sync your iPhone and Boostcase

You could indeed charge your phone and Boostcase at the same time, which is nice if you want to cut down on cable clutter. I did test this feature on a couple of occasions, but I personally felt more comfortable charging my phone and the case separately.

– Both case and battery sleeve are made from a durable hardshell material

I’m a rough guy. I work a lot with my hands and heavy tools. I’m not just a keyboard jockey and I am constantly breaking or damaging my personal things. This case has, thus far, held up through dropping, bumping, and being in my pockets along with my keys, and I didn’t have a single issue.

– Made for iPhone certified



So, you’re probably asking yourself if there are any cons to this case?

Honestly, very few things about this case bugged me in the slightest, and the few things that did were unimportant.

The first couple of days the battery is hard to pull off from the case. This obviously becomes easier as you break it in.

If you are charging while simultaneously handling your phone it is easy to touch the bottom and have the charge indicator light up. Making a quick adjustment to how you’re holding the phone alleviates this minor distraction.

The phone with the battery attached does feel slightly bulky, but considering any and all alternatives, this is by far the best option. When you think about what it does (holds more charge than your actual phone does) you probably won’t mind it at all.

You can order your own Boostcase for iPhone 6 or 6+ for $99.95 here.

Also available for the iPhone 5, and 5S.



Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this review.

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