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Boom Swimmer Speaker Review

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boom swimmer

There is something to say about the Boom Swimmer in terms of complete durability. It survived my ultimate test, my two kids that are seven and four. I handed my kids the Boom Swimmer that was sent for the purpose of this review and told them to have at it. Extended play testing, way too many Frozen Soundtrack songs, and a couple of showers/baths later, the Swimmer is now peacefully resting on the kitchen counter. Waiting to be turned on while food is being prepped or dishes washed. Synching via bluetooth takes all of 10 seconds. The speaker loudly proclaims it’s ready after you press the bluetooth button on the Swimmer. We’ve never had an issue establishing a connection after the fact.

The sound quality that comes from the Swimmer is excellent, clear, and when you max out the volume there isn’t any distortion that takes away from Dave Grohl blasting his vocals in a Foo Fighters song. I’d estimate the range to be 30 feet. So, if you’re linking it to your device through bluetooth, don’t go that far away. You’ll still get reception but lots of crackling and dropped sounds. But really, why would you be trying to listen from a distance? Once you set your Swimmer to your music playing device via bluetooth, all you have to do is just turn on your Swimmer and start playing your jams. It was easy enough for a seven year old to get working.

The fun part about the Swimmer was the optional attachments, you get a tail that you twist onto something, or you can lock the tail in more securely. For home use, we had the suction cup to attach to the counter and the wall in the shower/bath. It can go under three feet of water for 30 minutes, so sticking this thing on the wall in the shower won’t hurt it. Even after I heard one of my kids shouting “Dad, it fell in the bath!” I just told them to stick it back on the wall, the music never missed a beat and kept on trucking. I wanted to test it on a bike ride with the kids, but winter had other plans for us. I’ve been able to attach the Swimmer to lamp posts, various toys, and if need be, fingers. It has a nice grip and there isn’t much of an option for slipping with the grip the material gets on surfaces.

boom swimmer reviewFrom a looks standpoint it is purty, my wife even finds it good enough looking that she hasn’t moved it away from its spot on the kitchen counter. Which means that this is the only decoration in the kitchen/dining room that has been wholly my contribution.

Overall, a Boom Swimmer is well worth the purchase and it’s durability is very commendable. It survived a prolong stay in the bathtub with two kids, that alone makes it worth the purchase if your kids finally have something they can’t break. Though, I wouldn’t tell the kids they can’t break it, they might take it as a challenge. If you’re into outdoor sports/adventure I don’t see how you can’t take this along with you to keep you pumped up. The tail will fix or even loop on the belt loops on your jeans, it’s seriously a highly functional and versatile speaker. I’d suggest it for anybody that is looking for a portable in house speaker or outside music motivator for $59 over at Amazon: BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

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