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Boom! Studios Sneak Peeks: May 4th, 2011

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Boom! Studios has nine comics coming out this week for Wednesday, May 4th, and we’re letting you take a look at all of them before they go on sale? Yeah, even the one coming out on free comic book day. We hope you enjoy and pick up some comics based off what you see here! Our recommend for this week is IRREDEEMABLE/INCORRUPTIBLE BOOM! BLAST #1, You got to see the start of these two AMAZING comics from the mind of Mark Waid. We’d love to hear what you think or if you want to talk about what you’re reading with other comic fans check out the special comic section of our forum!


Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Francesco Biagini
Pages: 32
Price: FREE
For 40 years, the exploits of Elric have thrilled comic book fandom, beginning with his introduction to the world of comics in Marvel’s Conan The Barbarian #15 in 1972. Now, Michael Moorcock, the godfather of the Multiverse concept, brings one of the most critically acclaimed and recognizable figures in the history of fantasy fiction back to sequential art! This Free Comic Book Day edition heralds the new ongoing Elric series featuring a crisis across multiple worlds that will involve Moorcock’s other famous fantasy franchise characters: Corum of the Scarlet Robe and Dorian Hawkmoon. Meet the Pale Prince in an epic that could only be called The Balance Lost! And make sure you don’t miss the new ongoing series this summer! Written by white-hot New York Times bestselling author Chris Roberson (Superman, iZombie, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love)!


Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Peter Krause, Jean Diaz/em>
Pages: 48
Price: $1
Special for Free Comic Book Day, May 7th, 2011, and only at your local comic shop comes a $1 comic book of epic proportions… the IRREDEEMABLE / INCORRUPTIBLE 48 page flip book! Now’s your chance to start Mark Waid’s Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated series IRREDEEMABLE, as well as the smash hit companion series INCORRUPTIBLE, all for the low price of $1. Stop by your local comic shop May 7th, 2010 and demand a blast of BOOM! for only a buck and find out why IRREDEEMABLE #1 & INCORRUPTIBLE #1 are what everyone is talking about!


Writer: Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Pages: 24
Price: $1
A powerful, predatory corporation acquires a valuable asset…Dracula! They think they own him, but no one can own the Son of the Dragon. There’s a monster in their midst that puts Hannibal Lecter to shame–and he plans to gain his freedom in blood. It’s bloodsuckers vs. bloodsucker, as Busiek brings an incredibly modern spin to the Dracula mythos.


Writer: Don Rosa
Artist: Don Rosa
Pages: 24
Price: $1
Greed is good! And this Free Comic Book Day 2011 is your chance to check out a great sample of the Eisner-award winning THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE MCDUCK in a special $1 BOOM! Blast edition. These stories, written and drawn by legendary cartoonist Don Rosa, chronicle Scrooge McDuck’s fascinating life. See how Scrooge earned his “Number One Dime” and began to build his fortune!


Writer: Clive Barker, Dwayne McDuffie, Larry Wachowski, Neil Gaiman
Artist: Alex Ross, Kevin O’Neill, Mike Mignola
Pages: 128
Price: $19.99
Straight from the far reaches of Hell comes a collection of classic HELLRAISER tales that will light your soul on fire! This must-have collection features stories originally published by Marvel Comics–classic spine-tinglers for die-hard fans and new readers alike, collecting a host of work from comic luminaries that you will not want to miss! Featuring the work of Clive Barker (HELLRAISER), Neil Gaiman (SANDMAN), Mike Mignola (HELLBOY), Larry Wachowski (THE MATRIX), Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME), Kevin O’Neill (LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN) and many more! Don’t miss this first volume in a series that will assemble the best HELLRAISER comics that have ever been!


Writer: Rockne S. O’Bannon, Keith DeCandido
Artist: Will Sliney
Pages: 112
Price: 12.99
Crichton is ready to do all he can to protect his son, but his actions may have severe consequences for…Chiana! Meanwhile, Aeryn Sun discovers an origin for herself that will change both her and the Uncharted Territories forever! From FARSCAPE creator Rockne S. O’Bannon and fan-favorite writer Keith R.A. DeCandido!


Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: Leonel Castellani, Ricardo Garcia, Morgan Luthi
Pages: 32/em>
Price: 3.99
No crimes go slipping through the cracks in this issue of RESCUE RANGERS! A rich businessmouse begs for help tracking down his kidnapped daughter, but Chip ‘n’ Dale smell a rat. Actually, they smell a bunch of rats! And when NINJA PORCUPINES join the mix, things can’t get any worse for everybody’s favorite furry flatfoots! Another not-to-be-missed issue by DARKWING DUCK’s Ian Brill and MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD’s Leonel Castellani!


Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Peter Krause, Diego Barreto
Pages: 24
Price: 3.99
It’s a super-powered prison fight the likes of which you’ve never seen! There’s strength in numbers on the prison planet where a collection of the universe’s worst super-criminals have been gathered. And the Plutonian is a loner. It’s a recipe for disaster and destruction! The Plutonian has a plan for freedom — just as soon as he deals with a group of psychotic killers that make him look like the picture of sanity. Mark Waid’s Eisner and Harvey-nominated series continues!


Writer: Romano Scarpa, Daan Jippes
Artist: Giorgio Cavazzano, Daan Jippes
Pages: 24
Price: 3.99
crooge McDuck is in for two times the trouble in a double-feature of classic stories! Witness dumb animal tricks gone wrong when Scrooge’s money bin is plundered in the 1968 Romano Scarpa classic “The Pilfering Pelicans!” Then, the feathers really fly when Scrooge sets out to trap a bear in order to impress old friends from the Klondike…but the bear has other ideas. See this all unfold in the never-before-seen-in-the-U.S. tale “Scrappy Mettle” by Daan Jippes.

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