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Boom! Kids Comics Review, By Lincoln

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Lincoln is three, and not afraid to tell you what he thinks. When he’s not crashing matchbox cars, sailing pirate ships, drawing on the wall in the closet, or telling you he is Superman. He sometimes will sit still enough to read a book. What he knows about comic books, is that they are easy to tear up. Thankfully, when Boom Studios sent me these comics to review, they were in .pdf form. That doesn’t mean I still didn’t fear for my computer, so, without further ado, here is what happened when I brought my son into the reviewing game.

Cars: Route 66 Dash Trade Paperback

“Tractors!….tooooooot!” “Frank! Run Lightning Mater!” “Daddy, Frank silly”

This is how my son proceeded as we started reading the Cars: Route 66 Dash TPB. He couldn’t make it through the whole thing in one sitting, which for any newly turned 3 year old is a challenge in itself. He then proceeded to name every cars character that he could see on the page, and the following page. My son is something of a Cars aficionado, \ he knows all of them, even the obscure cars that you only see briefly on the screen. So asking him to sit at the computer and read a Cars story was really easy to accomplish.

When asked what he thought of it, he told me “Good!” Then started typing on the keyboard, hitting random keys without much success. When I asked him what he was doing. “Make Cars come back.” Mostly he just wanted to cycle through the pictures so that he could find the pages that he really liked and tell me everything about those pages. Anything with Mater in it, got a mention, and I can’t tell you how many times we looked at the first page with Mater honking his horn tipping over a tractor, then he would hit the arrow as quick as possible and tell me “Oh, that straaange.” As to it wasn’t him that made the page change, someone/thing else must have done it.

When I got time to read the story he would quiet down and pay attention, I may be a little too much for the theatrics because, whenever I would make a dramatic voice and movements for the action that was going on, not the talking. I had to do it again, and again. The introduction of Bubba, Chick Hicks partner in the race gave us a character we didn’t know. After reading some of the talking balloons we found out who he was. Though, the conversation was more fun once he got the name.

“What’s His name Daddy?” “Bubba”
“No you say, what’s his name.” “Ok, What is his name.”
“I don’t know dad.” “*Sigh* Well, I do, his name is Bubba! Look at his teeth!”
“No daddy, you say what is his name.” “Ok…What is his name.”
“*whisper*I don’t know.” “*Whisper* I think it’s Bubba.”
“His name Bubba dad. Ahhh Geez Dad.” Then he did a facepalm at me.

Kids are great huh!

Muppet Sherlock Holmes:

This one Lincoln didn’t like as much, he doesn’t know anything about the Muppets, and it has been YEARS since I saw anything Muppets related, he did catch on that there was a frog, which he pointed out even when Kermit wasn’t on the page. I don’t know how many times I was told. “There frog dad” It took a while, but he could tell me when he saw Fozz Bear and Gono the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of the story. We didn’t get much reading in, he was more liking to pointing at the characters and asking who that guy is.

His favorite part was when a guy I had no idea who’s name was, and called him Silly McSillypants, which made Lincoln laugh. He was pretty fixated that was raining in the scene, and the guy was in the rain. THEN he was eating rain! He kept asking my why the guy was in the rain, why does he eat rain, why does he have a funny nose, why is it raining, why is he climbing? It was fun none the less. Like Cars, he got to the point where he wanted to take over on how fast the pages cycled through on the computer. He got a knack for knowing when Silly McSillypants was coming because he would say. “HEEE’S ALMOST HEEEEEERE!” and then stop and tell me where Silly McSillypants was, and that he was in the rain, and getting wet, and eating rain. Then HE wanted to eat rain, when I told it wasn’t raining, he asked me to make it rain. I told him he could have some ice cream.

We ended our reading of Boom Studios Kids comic books at that point. I honestly had a lot of fun reading these with him, there is nothing better than him sitting on my lap as I point at the words on the screen and read them. He may be more interested in what is going on in the stories, than what the characters are saying, but I can tell that if we read it more than a couple of times, he’ll know it inside and out. The colors were nice on both of the comics, the artwork was great in Cars, and he could tell who every character was. He said he wants to see more, so stay tuned for next week where I’ll be sacrificing my sanity once again, and we’ll take a look at whatever Boom Studios has in store for us!

Here are a couple of samples of what he got to look at from both the comics, prop your kid up on a knee and have some fun!

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