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Book Review: The Art of Drew Struzan

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I don’t know anything about movie poster art, art in general or am much of an artist myself, obviously. I do have to say, that I am very glad to have come across this book, and learn from what seems to be a dieing breed. Drew Struzan has worked on some of the most iconic movie posters that you can remember. As I turned the pages I was brought back in time to some of the movies that I loved during my childhood, and remembered staring at the movie posters for them at the theater.

This book starts off with a forward from Frank Darabont, thought it could have been seen as a rambling rant of someone from the “Old Guard” of cinema, it as actually quite nice. Yes, Frank tore into the people or “suits” that run Hollywood, decrying how modern movie posters fit the formula of the lazy, cheap, and uninspired crackhead artist sitting in front of photoshop at their computer. I get what he is saying only because I fit myself in a group that will easily tell you Hollywood has run out of ideas and are doing anything possible to make a buck. Even if that means that making movie posters obsolete to squeeze out a couple more pennies from a movie.

The actual book though left me grinning as I turned the pages, I couldn’t wait to see the next movie that Drew had worked on that I could reflect back on if his posters were the ones I saw for the movie. His artwork is truly masterful, you could (though I highly suggest you don’t) cut out some of the pages and frame them. Titan Publishing and the editors on this book really did justice to the art displayed inside, though the book is a little heavy, it isn’t too big that it won’t easily find a place on your coffee table or some other place you keep a book to show people how fancy you are. It was interesting to see the movies that Drew worked on, but his art never made it to print, and the movies where the art was denied because “the suits said it looked too much like art” The pieces from the Hellboy series which were all mostly denied were some of my favorites. Not because I love that movie, but because now I feel robbed that I didn’t see them until now. Though, it seemed that for Drew and the dying brand of real artists painting moving posters, a lot of his work went unnoticed.

If you have a love affair with cinema, you need to own this book, if you love awesome movies from the 80’s you need to own this book. Heck just having it on display in your house for guests to leaf through will make you extra fancy. I now have an appreciation for movie posters that I didn’t even think to have before. I look at how current posters are, and then think back on the great ones I remember when I was growing up, and I suddenly feel a little disgusted with the system. This book is a beautiful read, and is a must for any geek out there. You can buy it directly from Titan Publishing by clicking this, or call your local bookstore to see if they have any in stock, this is something that we at WPR will be holding onto for a long time.

Here is a little gallery of what you will find inside this book, if that isn’t tempting enough, you need to have your geek card revoked.

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