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Book Review: Everything Leads to You

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“It’s all a fantasy, so it’s easy, for a few minutes, to get lost in it.” Do you want to get lost in a good book? If so, you should probably check out Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour. I could barely put this book down once I’d started it. Yes, it was a little predictable at times, but once I turned the last page, I couldn’t stop smiling. What a wonderful story!

Everything Leads to You

AUTHOR: Nina LaCour
RELEASE DATE: May 15, 2014
GENRE: YA, contemporary, romance
LENGTH: 307 pages

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Everything Leads to You is set in Hollywood and centers around Emi as she navigates the film industry. What I liked so much about this novel was the atmosphere. Being set in Hollywood as Emi works on not one but two films allowed the reader to delve into a book but also a movie. The book read like a movie unfolds and the reader goes through it scene-by-scene. Emi is offered a position working on a new, indie film. There are characters who are completely devoted to the films they’re working on, and this, paired with several lines and scenes from the film Emi’s working on and the environment of the film industry, create a gorgeous, vibrant, and rich atmosphere in which to invest your time.

This novel is also a romance, and a beautiful one at that. Emi and her friend Charlotte find a letter in an old album that they bought at an estate sale of a deceased, but famous, actor. Emi and Charlotte wish to give it to its rightful owner and through their search they find Ava, the actor’s granddaughter. Everything changes when they meet Ava, and Emi and Ava begin a journey together that is just lovely. I really liked that LaCour never emphasizes the fact that Ava and Emi like girls. It is just part of the story; they just do. As the novel is set in Hollywood, one could expect to get a fake, short-lived, flimsy romance, but theirs is nothing like that. It is deep, and the two connect over their love of film and enthusiasm for their lives and passions.

I think my favorite thing about this novel though was the growth in Emi. She begins as a naïve, somewhat shallow, young girl with not enough experience into a strong, independent woman. It is not your clichéd “girl discovers herself” kind of book, though it sort of is. The difference lies in the fact that LaCour’s characters feel so real and sophisticated. Emi’s had a pretty easy life – wealthy family, sheltered childhood, opportunities abound – but throughout the novel, she must face her faults, and through this she begins to connect with people on a different level. She begins to understand herself and the world around her.

Okay, parts of the romance and the plot were a little predictable at times. I mean, it is a novel about the film industry and a contemporary romance, but I couldn’t help myself from rooting for the characters and being super happy when things worked out for them. I was smiling like a fool when the novel ended.

“There are no scenes in life, there are only minutes. And none are skipped over and they all lead to the next…All she is – and all she’s ever been – is a person trying to live a life.” – page 265

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