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Book Review: Adventure Time – Title Card Book (Vol 2)

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Grab your butts and start singing the “I’m a buff baby who can dance like a man!” dance. It’s ADVENTURE TIME (title card book for Seasons 3 and 4)!

adventure time book

Much like the first Adventure Time title book I reviewed, this second volume is much like the original. You get each title card during the 3rd and 4th seasons, a brief description from the artist on how the title card came into being and some various other artwork. Essentially if you are a connoisseur of all things Adventure Time (like myself) then this is something to add to the collection. Going through the pages, and looking at the title cards brings back the episodes in pieces that are lodged in my memory. From my standpoint, seasons three and four were a pivotal part of the series so far. It was still off the walls crazy and hilarious, but introduced some more thought provoking episodes in Adventure Time. Seasons three and four for that reason had some of my favorite episodes so far from the Adventure Time series. My personal favorites being; Card Wars, I Remember You, Memory of a Memory, and Too Young.

Put this in that gift bag for the nerd in your life, you can snag this Adventure Time title card book from Amazon for $14.00! Anything less is UNACCEPTABLE!

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