Book news: Towers of Midnight release event

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As many Wheel of Time fans know, the thirteenth installment in this landmark fantasy series, Towers of Midnight, is about to be released. What you may not know is that, if you live in Utah, Brandon Sanderson is having a midnight release event at the BYU bookstore on November 2nd. Sanderson is going to be handing out signed and numbered copies of this book, doing a reading and probably playing Magic with fans.

Speaking of which, just now Sanderson tweeted that the first fan has arrived at the BYU bookstore for his midnight release event. That’s dedication. If this midnight event interests you, Sanderson has an incredibly long, detailed post about the event here.

For individuals who can’t make it to the bookstore for the midnight release event, never fear. Sanderson has quite an evolved book tour planned. You can find more information on his website regarding tour dates, and other places you can purchase a signed copy of Towers of Midnight online.

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